Firelight glass wedding gift or anniversary gift should be unique and special. Give her Handblown Firelight Glass Oil Lamps or oil candles. Whether they be 1st - first, 2nd second year or annual wedding anniversary gifts, presents or gift ideas, they are very romantic and unique gifts

Firelight Glass Oil Candles & Lamps

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Nestled on the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay, highly skilled �hotworkers� ply their craft as they melt, shape and spin the finest Firelight Glass Oil Lamps & Candlesglass tubing into diverse and distinctive forms. With specially designed gas-oxygen burners, hand tools, ovens, and adapted glassblowing lathes, they transform the glass into works of seamless beauty.

Every step of the production process demands perfection, starting with the raw materials. Firelight Glass constantly searches out the very best sources. Four and five-foot-long "water-white" glass tubing, in various wall thickness and diameters, must be highly refined and free from imperfections. Once the tubing enters the factory, it undergoes numerous cleaning and quality-control checks - before, during and after the stages of melting, shaping and annealing. Ten people are involved in the exacting and careful work of producing one Waterlily stem.

Each of our candles is mouthblown and handturned by a small group of highly skilled artisans who sculpt the hot-molten crystalline glass, using old-world hot-working techniques plus modern proprietary technology. The result is absolutely seamless sculpture, taking glass daringly close to the edge of what it can do....

Firelight Glass - Aria Oil LampsFirelight Glass Arias

One of Firelight's most popular designs with brides the world over, Aria is the essence of romantic candlelighting. Ideal for an alfresco table-for-two, its statuesque chimney protects the flame from the evening breeze. Comes with instructions, wick and fill funnel are included.

Firelight Glass - Sundancer Oil LampsFirelight Glass Sun Dancer

Named for the lively shadow play it casts on the walls of a room, our new Sun Dancer is perfect spotlighting for all your patio entertaining. Its gracefully spiraling chimney protects the flame until your last guest has departed.

Firelight Glass - Shadow Dancer Oil LampsFirelight Glass Shadow Dancer

Named for the animated play of shadows it radiates from the base, its chimney shelters the flame. Now your patio dinner remains romantically lit well beyond dessert.

Firelight Glass - Floating Moon Oil LampsFirelight Glass Floating Moon

Full moon rising over all your special settings. Sheathed in wide walls of pure glass, the flame is sheltered from the breeze when used for garden luminaria.

Firelight Glass - Obelisk Oil CandlesFirelight Glass Obelisk

Taken from the ancient Egyptian monument, the Obelisk is the handsomest of statuary. A singular presence for the table's center. In pairs, a flank of grandeur for the mantle.

Firelight Glass - Waterlilly Oil CandlesFirelight Glass Waterlilly Stems

Reflections timeless. A sculptural tribute to gentler times, our stately trio creates a gracious welcome in your home's foyer.

Firelight Glass - Sonata Stem Oil CandlesFirelight Glass Sonata Stems

Firelight Glass - Omni Stem Oil CandlesFirelight Glass Omni Stems

Firelight Glass - Medium Prism Large Trio Oil CandlesFirelight Glass Medium Prism Large Trio

Firelight Glass - Classic Taper Oil CandlesFirelight Glass Classic Tapers

Our taper candles are handworked in crystalline glass to leave no wax tracks on fine linens! All designs are crafted with thicker walls than those fashioned from simple tubing. Candlesticks are 24% full-lead crystal.

Firelight Glass - Swirl Taper Oil CandlesFirelight Glass Swirl Tapers

The dining table classic, our taper candles are handworked in crystalline glass to leave no wax tracks on fine linens! All designs are crafted with thicker walls than those fashioned from simple tubing.

Firelight Glass - Taper Candle HoldersFirelight Glass Candle Holders

All candlesticks are made of handblown glass and sold in pairs.

Firelight Glass - Classic Cube Oil CandleFirelight Glass Classic Cube Oil Candle

Firelight Glass - Ice Pillar Oil CandleFirelight Glass Ice Pillar Oil Candle

Firelight Glass - Omni Floating Oil CandlesFirelight Glass Omni Floating Candles

Shallow pools of crystalline light tuck in anywhere -- bedside or bath. Smaller sizes are ideal for creating your own tabletop oasis. Just fill a clear bowl with water and set them afloat!

Firelight Glass - Sonata Oil CandlesFirelight Glass Sonata Oil Candles

These beautifully semetric globes come in 3 sizes: 3", 4" & 5"

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