Wolfard's centerpiece idea is a floating oil candles from Aura Oil & Lamp Creations®.

Wolford Floating Candle Spinning Top

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Wolfard's centerpiece idea is a floating oil candles from Aura Oil & Lamp Creations® The Spinning Top Floating Candle is a unique addition to Wolfard's line of beautiful oil lamps.

They're the natural evolution of our classic lamps and candles -- just add flowers, marbles, sea shells to the glass vase.

Then fill it with clear or colored water; place the floater carefully on top and light the floating oil candle.

Because you can change the accent items whenever you wish, you'll find Floaters to be the perfect centerpiece for special occasions. Let the Floater accent echo the theme of your party! Purchase floaters individually. No longer available with 6" or 9" vase as seen in the picture.

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IMPORTANT - Regular Floater - Instructions

The floater oil reservoir should be filled no further than1/4" BELOW the widest part.

Filling beyond this point may cause the reservoir to invert and/or sink.

1. Hold the reservoir at its widest point and tilt vertically, as if you were going to pour fluid out.

2. Hold at eye level while filling. Slowly fill with lamp oil until reaching the level even with the pointed bottom and the lower edge of the opening.

3. Rotate back to horizontal and insert wick holder.

The properly adjusted flame is approximately the size and intensity of a candle. The flame size is adjusted by raising or lowering the wick in its holder. Be careful not to let any part of the wick, including threads or frays, protude from the top of the holder, or the Floater may smoke. During the initial use, or when sampling a different oil, watch the Floater for several minutes to be sure the wick is set low enough to avoid smoking. To lower the flame, blow out the flame, allow to cool, remove the wick holder from the floater and pull the wick further down into the holder.Kerosene and other inexpensive lamp oils should be avoided, because they tend to smoke and have a relatively strong odor. Solvents or fuels with lower ignition points than kerosene - such as alcohol, gasoline, paint thinner or acetone - are unsafe and should not be used.

Using the Floater in a drafty area or outside may cause the flame to get PUFFY and smoke. Shielding the flame from the draft will help minimize this; one way this can be accomplished is by lowering the water level so the flame is lower in the vase.

NEVER leave any device unattended while lit.

ALWAYS keep FAR out of the reach of children whether lit or not.

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