Brenda Griffith of Siyeh Studio works with kiln formed fused glass art in collaboration with Black Cat MetalArts.

Brenda Griffith of Siyeh Studio Kiln formed Fused Glass Art Colorways

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The samples shown are a representation only. Individual pieces vary in design and color. Use the menu button system to return to tabletop or wall designs.
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Colorway Colorway Colorway Colorway

Gradations of transparent lavender, plum, and deep violet flecked with lavender opal dance with shimmering metal iridescence in 'Amethyst'.

Turquoise and lime green shimmer in a clear base while crunches of orange cavort in the depths.


The rich ambers, deep violets and shimmering greens in 'Carolina' evoke the feel of the North Carolina mountains.


Chartreuse, coral, and a dusting of black lace play surprisingly well together in the 'Conundrum' colorway.


The shades are of the rainbow, but flow from yellow to orange, red, purple, cobalt blue, turquoise thru to emerald green.

Golden ambers mingle with the mature green tones. Goldstone sparkles in the verdant aventurine green. Sienna flows from the greens.

Crimson blazes through flickering orange and glowing yellow.


A spruce green tint sliding into the grays, greens and teal colors. Sparkling silver green, woodland brown and silver-grey bark...

Bright tropical hues. Similar to Tropical, but a bit softer and more subtle. Highlighted with a dusting of deep purple.

Green Lantern

Transitions from palest green through an unusual combination of other shades including emerald & aventurine ending in olive.

A combination in variations of blues and aqua blend together forming perfect Harmony.


Shifting sands of amber below, supporting aqua & turquoise shading through to midnight-teal above...


Rich gold-pink dominates a misty light grey, dark grey broods in shadow over all.


The aquas and turquoise of the shallow water slide into the cobalt and midnight depths of the deep, calm Pacific.


The red, orange and yellow palette of 'Flame' with a dusting highlight of black lace to emphasize the color shifts.


A soft blend of the tropical colors yellow, lime green, and turquoise with a dusting of deep purple lace to emphasize the color shift.

A hot rainbow of cobalt, turquoise, lime green, yellow, orange, and red with chinks of all the colors scattered over the entire piece for a mardi gras/confetti feel.

Like the speckled brown trout in fresh mountain streams, the coral and steel blue, olive green, and amber glases speckled with black swim in a clear base.

The pale greens and aquas frame the bold cobalt center streak and ground the iridescent metal floating within.


Taste the ripe juice and feel the cool skin with ues of pink from hot to pale and shades of green from almost clear through to rich olive.

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