Ne Qwa Art fragrance lamps are catalytic effusion fragrance lamps using reverse painting art which purify the air and add a fragrance at the same time.

Ne Qwa Art: The Complete Story

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  • The same meticulous painting technique that once captivated emperors more than a thousand years ago is still used to create NeQwa Art today. "Ne' Qwa" is the Chinese term for the centuries-old tradition of hand-painting on the inside of mouth blown glass. Ne Qwa Art has brought this ancient art form together with fine art from premier North American and European artists to create exquisite, year-round home decor.


  • These original Ne Qwa Art designs were created using the ancient technique of reverse hand-painting on the inside of mouth blown glass.
    From outlining to shading to color application, all work is painstakingly done in freehand.
    The artists signature and NeQwa seal etched into the glass certifies this is an orginal Ne'Qwa Art.


  • Each Ne Qwa Art fragrance lamp comes complete with a specially designed liner that acts as a protective barrier between the fragrance and the painting on the inside of the glass.
    Every liner comes witha lifetime guarantee.
    NEVER insert sharp objects into your fragrance lamp.

  • *Lifetime Warranty Burner/Wick Replacement Program. All Aura Oil & Lamp Creation customers who purchase Scentier, La Tee Da! or Ne Qwa Art fragrance lamps shall receive a lifetime warranty of free replacement catalytic burner/wicks under the following conditions:

    Customer and/or gift Recipients must exclusively use Scentier, La Tee Da or NeQwa fragrances with their Scentier, La Tee Da or NeQwa Lamps purchased from Aura Oil & Lamp Creations. Use of any other companies' fragrances voids this warranty. Purchasing additional fragrance from any one other than Aura Oil & Lamp Creations also voids this warranty.

    Aura Oil & Lamp Creations reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel this program without notification.