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Effusion lamps are decorative fragrance lamps that destroy odors and bacteria in the air while increasing oxygen levels and perfuming your environment and eliminating unwanted odors.

These lamps use a catalytic burner that reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit to combust a special alcohol based liquid fuel. The burning fuel releases molecules into the air that capture and destroy odors while dispersing essential oils.


Effusion lamps purify the air by oxidizing air particles, destroying odors and air borne bacteria. They increase oxygen levels in the air and because they do not have a continuous flame or produce soot they are safer and cleaner than candles. The fuels used in the lamps contain essential oils that are made from natural botanical extracts. These oils perfume the air and provide aromatherapy, as well as having insect repelling properties.


In 1898 a French pharmacist invented the first catalytic combustion effusion lamp while trying to find a process to purify air. These lamps were used by the medical world for their antibacterial powers in hospitals, health facilities, and mortuaries where hygiene was of utmost importance until the mid 1900’s.

Today they are much more decorative than the original versions used in hospitals. Some are made from hand-blown glass and are very collectible. These lamps are now being used to purify air and eliminate odors in homes, offices, and any other environments that people live and work in. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Effusion lamp, it will keep the air refreshed in your environment for many years.

Why are Effusion lamps better for us than candles or incense?

Because effusion lamps “burn” without an open flame they are much less of a fire hazard in your home. Many homes have been burned to the ground because someone left a candle burning that they forgot to blow out.

Candles also cause black soot to be released into our environment. Black soot is the product of the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels. Until recently, the source for the black soot in homes was unknown. It is now believed that frequent candle burning is the number one source of black soot. The amount of soot produced can vary greatly from candle to candle. Scented candles are more likely to produce black soot than unscented candles. Black soot can cause property damage over time by blackening walls and surfaces of your home or office.

(Imagine how it must affect your lungs and the air you breathe). Burning candles that have lead wicks cores can result in indoor air concentrations of lead that are above EPA-recommended thresholds and should be recognized as a health concern. Many consumers unknowingly purchase candles containing lead wick cores and repeatedly expose themselves to harmful amounts of lead through regular candle burning. One study also showed high concentrations of acrolein, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde from candle emissions exceeding EPA-recommended thresholds. Also, several studies found associations between exposure to incense smoke and many illnesses, including cancer, asthma, and contact dermatitis. Incense burning was found to be a contributing factor in the occurrence of asthma, and coughing was found to be associated with incense exposure in a study of young children. Also, burning incense produces volatile fragrances that, once airborne, can reach exposed skin, causing dermatitis.


  1. OPEN
    Always place your La-Tee-Da! Effusion Lamp on a flat, protected and stable surface. We suggest a plate, glass, marble or stoneware surface. Do not place directly on Wood or Finished Surface. Put the Vented Crown and Solid Metal Cap beside your Effusion lamp to avoid misplacement.
  2. FILL
    Use the funnel to pour the Effusion Fragrance into the Lamp. Fill the lamp ½ to 2/3 full. DO NOT OVERFILL – (Your La-Tee-Da! Effusion Lamp will not function properly) Wipe lamp, carefully, to clean any fragrance spills.
    While holding the Effusion Lamp, insert the Wick Assembly (Burner). It should fit into the collar and be fully seated. Replace the solid metal cap. Wait 20 to 30 minutes before lighting. This will allow the Effusion fragrance to saturate the wick & burner. (The Effusion burner stone will appear darkened or wet when saturated.)
  4. LIGHT
    Take off the solid metal cap. Light the Effusion burner using a match or lighter. Let flame burn for 2-3 minutes. (Flame will be 5-6” in height, then settle to 1-2”.) When the flame reduces the burner has reached the proper temperature. Take a short meditation moment. DO NOT leave the flame unattended. Blow out the flame. Your La-Tee-Da! Effusion Lamp is now working. Once the flame has been blown out, replace only the vented crown over the burner. This will protect the burner from being touched. Just put the solid metal cap to the side until you are ready to extinguish your lamp.
  5. USE:
    Leave the Effusion burner open (on) for as long as you require fragrance to be released. It typically takes 30 to 45 minutes to fragrance an average size home. When you are finished place the solid metal cap firmly back on your lamp to extinguish the burner by depriving it of oxygen. Place vented crown back on top of lamp & metal cap until your next use.


    If you'd like to avoid having to wait 20 minutes for your stone to soak up the fuel before lighting your lamp, try this method:

    • Insert the filling funnel in the neck of the lamp as you would normally do before filling.
    • Hold the stone portion of the wick assembly in the funnel as you pour Lamp Fuel over the stone and into your lamp.
    • Insert the wick assembly in your lamp, light the stone, and extinguish after 2 minutes.
    • Remember that the lamp works after the flame is extinguished. The flame is to heat the stone and needs to be blown out after 2-3 minutes.
    • The burner should last one to two years or approximately 250 lightings.
    • The fragrances used to scent catalytic lamp fuels will occasionally build up in the stone wick, clogging the wick and making it a challenge to light or stay lit. There are several easy solutions to this issue:
    • Holding your filled lamp in one hand, tilt it slightly and hold the lighter flame directly on the stone for a minute or two. This is usually enough to get a good "glow" going and start the catalytic process.
    • Transfer any unused fuel from your lamp back to the bottle. Replace the wick in your empty lamp and light it, letting it burn off any fragrance buildup. Remove the wick and let it dry out completely.
    • Best Solution! Use Wick Cleaner (unscented fuel) to cleanse your stone wick. Soak you burner stone and wick in the cleaner solution for 30 minutes. Then place wick in an empty lamp and light. Either let it burn out completely or blow out after five minutes and then let the stone burn out all remaining residue. Or after soaking your stone as mentioned above, fill your lamp as you normally would with Wick Cleaner and light it and blow out after 4-5 minutes. The Wick Cleaner will help burn off the fragrance buildup in your stone wick.
    • The best way to avoid a clogged stone is to fill your lamp with only as much fuel as you intend to burn at one time and let it burn completely out. Avoid leaving fuel in the lamp as the fragrance tends to collect in the stone when the lamp is not burning.
    • Do not use any other type of lamp fuel that is oil based, only the alcohol based oils that are recommended.


    • For adult use only.
    • Follow instructions, carefully. Read ALL warning labels on Effusion fragrance.
    • Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.
    • Keep out of the reach of children and animals at all times.
    • Light Effusion lamp ONLY on a flat stable surface. Glass, marble, and stoneware plates are recommended.
    • DO NOT PLACE your lamp on wood or finished surfaces as Effusion fragrance contains alcohol and will ruin the finish.
    • Keep the lamp and fragrance away from any combustible materials.
    • NEVER leave the open flame unattended.
    • NEVER touch the Effusion burner stone after lighting.
    • Blow out the burner flame before placing the vented crown on the lamp.
    • Use caution when removing the vented crown (it will be HOT!). Place the crown on a heat resistant surface.
    • Use the La-Tee-Da! Lamp with Effusion lamp fragrances only.
    • These fragrances were specifically formulated to burn properly with the La-Tee-Da! wick assembly.

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