Lampe Berger Oil & Lampe Berger Fragrance for the home purifies the air and add a fragrance at the same time.  Lamp Berger Oil Lamps and Lampe Berger Oils make unique wedding, anniversary, graduation, mothers day, birthday and most of all great get well gifts for home decor

Lampe Berger Oil & Lamp Berger Fragrance Oils for the Home

Best Prices for Lampe Berger Oil & Lampe Berger Fragrance for the home which purifies the air and add a fragrance at the same time.  Lamp Berger Oil Lamps and Lampe Berger Oils make unique wedding, anniversary, graduation, mothers day, birthday and most of all great get well gifts for home decor Aura Glass Art Home Page > Lampe Berger Home Page

Best Prices for Lampe Berger oil.
Lampe Berger Fragrance Oils come in:

  • 500ml/16.9 oz. bottles for MSP- $20.00 OUR PRICE - $17.99-$18.79
  • 1 Liter/33.8 oz bottles for MSP- $34.00 OUR PRICE - $27.99-$29.99


    1.) Purchase any 10 Lamp Berger Fragrance Oil 500ml bottles for $184.97 - using the convenient dropdown menu immediately below.

    2.) Purchase any 4 Lampe Berger 1 Liter Fragrance Oil for $115.97 - using the convenient dropdown menu immediately below.

    3.) Remember: Lampe Berger Fragrance Oils only burn effective through Lampe Berger AIR PUR System 3C Catalytic Burner Wicks!

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  • Item Name Availability Price Fragrance/Order
    11500ml Lampe Berger Parfums De Maison Fragrance 500 ML 16.9 OZ Usually ships the same business day $18.79, 10 for $184.97
    Parfum De Maison 500ml
    116001L Lampe Berger Parfum De Maison Fragrance 1 Liter 33.8 OZ Usually ships the same business day $29.99, 4 for $115.97
    Parfum De Maison 1 Liter

    Individual Lampe Berger Fragrance Oils

    these fragrances are usually available to ship the same business day

    Name Description 500ml
    1 Liter
    Lampe Berger Oil - Gardens on the Riviera
    Gardens on the Riviera
    Top Notes: Lemon & Black Currant
    Middle Notes: Fig Leaves & Olive Tree Leaves
    Bottom Notes: Vityver, Moss & Musks
    Lampe Berger Oil - Escape to Capri
    Escape to Capri
    At the head, fresh and invigorating tones of bergamot with Mediterranean undertones. At the heart, soft floral (Jasmine, Peony) and crystalline tones (Lotus). At the base, enveloping woody tones (cedar, patchouli, white musk) bringing sensuality to the fragrance.
    Sold Out
    Name Description 500ml
    1 Liter
    Lampe Berger Oil - Amber Elegance
    Amber Elegance
    New for 2015
    Fresh Aromatic Notes: Anise, Rosemary, Lavandin & Bergamot
    Flowery Woody Notes: Iris & Cedarwood
    Refined Amber Based Notes: Amber, Musks, Patchouli & Vanilla
    Lampe Berger Oil - Magnificent Vetiver
    Magnificent Vetiver
    New for 2015
    Top Notes: Lemon, Grapefruit & Muscade
    Middle Notes: Vetiver, Geranium & Mint
    Bottom Notes: Parchouli, Orris & Amber
    Lampe Berger Oil - Spices of Egypt
    Spices of Egypt
    Standing since the time of ancient Egypt, the pyramids of Giza are one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Set off on a voyage of discovery of Egypt's olfactory treasures…
    An away-from-it-all fragrance
    Top notes - Saffron, Anise, Rose
    Middle notes - Myrr, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Plum
    Bottom notes - Patchouli, Tonka bean, Amber, Toffee
    Sold Out
    Lampe Berger Oil - Provence Treats
    Provence Treats
    Especially designed for this end-of-year, this Home Fragrance is a reference to the traditional desserts served at Christmas in Provence, including fresh fruits, sweets, nuts, biscuits and nougat.
    A pure, olfactory delight!
    1 left
    Lampe Berger Oils - Amber Powder
    Amber Powder
    This sensual fragrance emerges softly with a hint of rose offering a hearth of lilies of the valley and vanilla and makes way for an alluring base of amber, patchouli and a pronounced scent of musk. A sweet journey of the senses revealing warm and captiva  
    Lamp Berger Oil - Charleston
    A woodsy and spicy mix, developing from nutmeg and coriander into patchouli and cedar wood to rest on a powdery note of honey and vetiver.  
    Lamp Berger Oil - Delicate Powder
    Delicate Powder
    Full of delicateness and lightness, this extremely refined fragrance glorifies femininity. Head note the freshness of zesty notes (sweet orange, mandarin). Heart note, the enveloping sensuality of floral notes (neroli, rose), delicately powdered (iris). Base note fine blend of warmth of wood and vanilla notes (white cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla) with a sensual, powdery veil of white musk.
    Lampe Berger Oil - Heavenly Spruce
    Heavenly Spruce
    Like a heavenly choir, the stimulating red bark top notes melt into the sweetness of spices. In the background there is a warm, woodsy counterpoint, a harmony of cedar, teak and ambergris. Top Notes: Tangerine, Cinnamon & Cloves.  
    Lampe Berger Fragrance - Mystery Patchouli
    Mystery Patchouli
    Top notes of Black Currant. Middle notes of Rose, Candied Fruits & Patchouli. Bottom notes of Sandalwood, Leather, Vanilla & Balms
    Lamp Berger Oil - Virginia Cedarwood
    Virginia Cedarwood
    An old fragrance brought back with a new twist. A lively and natural perfume where woody notes of cedar and cypress are enhanced by the freshness of citrus. Top Notes: Pine, Orange & Lemon. Middle Notes: Glove & Coco. Bottom Notes: Cedarwood & Sandalwood
    Lampe Berger Oil - Winterwood
    A sensual fragrance blending the magical essence of spices with the subtle fragrance of a wintry forest warmed by the sun.  
    Name Description 500ml
    1 Liter
    Lampe Berger Oil - IstanSavory Apple Tart
    Savory Apple Tart
    New for 2015
    Top Notes: Cinnamon & Dried Fruits
    Middle Notes: Apple & Caramel
    Bottom Notes: Glace, Chestnuts & Vanilla
    Lampe Berger Oil - Istanbul Delights
    Istanbul Delights
    Top Notes: Bergamot Cinnamon
    Middle Notes: Icing Sugar & Loukoum
    Bottom Notes: Orange Blossom, Hazelnut, Vanilla & Candied Fruits
    Lampe Berger Oil - Creme Brulee
    Creme Brulee
    This releases a smell like no other, both subtle and sensual: the sweetness of the slowly simmered milk, the fruitiness of the vanilla, the luxurious sugariness of the caramel along with the slight bitterness of almond.  
    Lampe Berger Fragrance - Gourmet Vanilla
    Gourmet Vanilla
    "Absolu de Vanille" is a cocktail of mouth-watering notes: Sweet and sugary start notes(rum & star anise). A mouth-watering top note(Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla pods left to ferment for 9 months crushed along their whole length to release the multitude of tiny black seeds which contain the fragrance). A sweet, chocolaty and almondy base note(cocoa & Tonka bean and musks).
    Lamp Berger Oil - New Orleans
    New Orleans
    A deliciously gourmand fragrance with fruity and sweet accents, enhanced by a hint of cinnamon.
    Lampe Berger Oils - Orange Cinnamon
    Orange Cinnamon
    Citrus freshness accentuates the harmonious blend of spices and candied fruit. The intensity of this mixture finds its tenacity in a base note blending the purity of white musk with the softness of amber and sandalwood.
    Lampe Berger Fragrance - Sweet Pear
    Sweet Pear
    Delicious fruity tones of pear enveloped in a chord of vanilla and cinnamon, giving it a delicious warmth and studied charm. Recalls the delicious smell of baked pears just out of the oven.  
    Name Description 500ml
    1 Liter
    Lampe Berger Oil - Sensual Bouquet
    Sensual Bouquet
    New for 2015
    Light Fruity Notes: Apple, Apricot & Cut Grass
    Flowery Sensual Notes: Jasmine, Rose & Lily of the Valley
    Warm Musky Notes: Musks
    Lampe Berger Oil - Miss Violet
    Miss Violet
    New for 2014
    Top Notes: Cherry & Rose
    Middle Note: Rasberry
    Bottom Notes: Orris & Violet Powder
    A very feminine scent allying Rose Petals and Violet Powder, sublimated by the greed of a fruity Vanilla-flavored Rasberry.
    Lampe Berger Oil - everlasting Flowers of Corsica
    Everlasting Flowers of Corsica
    Top Notes: Corsican Clementine, Green Notes & Lavender
    Middle Notes: Linden, Fig Leaves, Everlasting Flower, Marine Notes & Rose
    Bottom Notes: Mimosa, Citrus, Lentisk & Amber
    Lampe Berger Oil - Harvest Season
    New for 2014
    Harvest Season
    Top Notes: Rose & Mimosa
    Middle Notes: Clover, White Jasmine & Freesia
    Bottom Notes: Dried Hay, Cedarwood, Tonka Bean & White Musk
    Lampe Berger Oils - Lavender Fields
    Lavender Fields
    An everlasting fragrance, impervious to time and fashions, fresh and delicately refined in its classic elegance with lavender and a hint of camphor for a more tonic effect.
    Lamp Berger Oil - Lilac Blossom
    Lilac Blossom
    Top notes of Black Currant, Lychee & Red Pepper. Middle notes of Lilac Blossom, Rose & Violet. Bottom notes of Anise, Jasmine, Patchouli & White Musk.
    Sold Out
    Lampe Berger Fragrance - Orange Blossoms
    Orange Blossom
    A perfume everything qualifies it, at once air and sensual, jasmined and honeyed, revealing all the complexity and the refinement of the orange blossom.
    Lampe Berger Oils - Precious Jasmine
    Precious Jasmine
    A spicy, refined and modern floral composition. Top Notes: Jasmine, Ylang-ylang. Middle Notes: Carnation, Jasmine, Peony. Bottom Notes: Orange blossom, Peach & Apricot
    Name Description 500ml
    1 Liter
    Lampe Berger Oil - Forest Mist
    Forest Mist
    New for 2015
    Zesty Sparkling Notes: Lemon & Grapefruit
    Floral Spicy Notes: Freesia & Coriander
    Soft Wooded Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar & Vanilla
    Lampe Berger Oil - Tomato Leaves
    Tomato Leaves
    New for 2015
    Top Notes: Green Notes & Aromatic Freshness
    Middles Notes: Tomato Leaves & Mint
    Sandalwood & Vetiver
    Lampe Berger Oil - Fresh Mint at the Riad
    Fresh Mint at the Riad
    Top Notes: Lemon & Cardamon
    Middle Notes: Mint Leaves & Green Tea
    Bottom Notes: Jasmine & Smoked Woods
    Lampe Berger Oil - Fresh Anis of Greek Islands
    Fresh Anis of Greek Islands
    Top Notes: Anise, Lemon & Fennel
    Middle Notes: Thyme, Marine notes & Rose
    Bottom Notes: Jasmine, Crystalline Musks & Grey Amber
    Lampe Berger Oil - Audacious Cologne
    Audacious Cologne
    Top Notes: Lemon, Tangerine & Bergamot
    Middle Notes: Ginger & Grapefruit
    Bottom Notes: Neroli & Sandalwood
    Lamp Berger Oil - Atlantic Tide
    Atlantic Tide
    Like the splash of an ocean wave brushing against the face, this fresh fragrance is soothing by its notes of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli.  
    Lampe Berger Oil - Citrus Leaves
    Citrus Leaves
    Top Notes of Bergamot, Lime & Nutmeg. Middles Notes: Violet & Green Tea. Bottom Notes: Sage, Thyme & Musk
    Lampe Berger Oils - Fresh Eucalyptus
    Fresh Eucalyptus
    Outdoor notes combining the scent of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, mint, and vetiver, mixed with white musk.
    Lampe Berger Oil - Green Chai
    Green Chai
    A delicate harmony of freshness blending revitalising green tea leaves with notes of citrus fruits and musk.  
    Lampe Berger Fragrance - Ocean Breeze
    Ocean Breeze
    The invigorating burst of a radiantly fruity cocktail blended with the exotic freshness of grapefruit, embellished by a warm and lingering trail of precious wood.
    Temp OOS
    Lampe Berger Oil - Summer Rain
    Summer Rain
    Top notes of Eucalyptus, Foliage & Peppermint. Middle notes of Exotic Basil, Lily of the Valley, Freesia & Lilac. Bottom notes of Ozone, Mineral Amber & Patchouli.
    Lamp Berger Oil - Zest of Verbena
    Zest of Verbena
    Top notes: Zest of citrus fruit with pink pepper. Heart notes: Verbena & Mint. Base notes: White Musk.
    1 left
    Name Description 500ml
    1 Liter
    Lampe Berger Oil - Fruit Melody
    Fruit Melody
    New for 2015
    Top Notes: Rose & Jasmine
    Middle Notes: Peach & Jasmine
    Bottom Notes: Musks, Sandalwood & Vanilla
    Lampe Berger Oil - Black Pomegranate
    Black Pomegranate
    Fruity, fresh and sparkling, this fragrance gives a refined interpretation of the black pomegranate. Head notes a punchy cocktail of green and fruity notes (pomegranate, blackcurrant, and apple). Heart notes, the exoticism of papaya blends delicately with the succulent fruity notes of peach. Base notes a complete contrast with the tangy notes of red fruits and the sweetness of peach.
    Sold Out!
    Lampe Berger Oil - Delicious Cherry
    New for 2014
    Delicious Cherry
    It’s cherry picking season with a burst of laughter… An oriental fruity fragrance where a lively black cherry scent is enhanced by floral and woody notes. The floral heart allows the balance of this olfactory composition, in order for the cherry notes to be less fruity and sweet.
    Lampe Berger Oil - Green Apple
    Green Apple
    This fragrance revives the aroma of an apple in all its virtues with green, sparkling and juicy notes.  
    Lampe Berger Oil - Lemon Bubbles
    New for 2014
    Lemon Bubbles
    Top Notes: Lemon, Orange Zest & Grapefruit
    Middle Notes: Tea, Jasmine Flowers & Freesia
    Bottom Notes: Vanilla Sugar & White Musk
    Lampe Berger Fragrance - Lemon Flower
    Lemon Flower
    This citrus fruit is finally captured by Lampe Berger to disperse its fresh and delicate scent.
    Name Description 500ml
    1 Liter
    Lampe Berger Oil - Soap Memories
    Soap Memories
    New for 2014
    Top Notes: Lily of the Valley & Orange Blossom
    Middle Notes: Peony & Cotton Flower
    Bottom Notes: Sweet Almond & Patchouli
    A flavor of clean - of pure olfactive comfort - a cyprus floral note with a facet of Violet and Precious Linen
    Lampe Berger Oil - My First Fragrance
    My First Fragrance
    New for 2014
    Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon & Tangerine
    Middle Notes: Rose & Orange Blossom
    Bottom Notes: Amber & Musk
    ....the smell of babies after a bath: a fresh, slightly powdered velvety smell - soft and delicate - a fragrance of comfort - slightly musky.
    Lamp Berger Paris Oil - Fresh Linen
    Fresh Linen
    Enjoy the scent of freshly washed linen hanging in a gentle breeze.
    Name Description 500ml
    1 Liter
    Lampe Berger Oils - Neutral
    If you just want to cleanse and purify your air. You can also use the neutral to reduce the intensity of a Parfum de Maison.
    Lampe Berger Oil - Summer Night
    Summer Night
    The perfect outdoor patio fragrance! A combination of Ocean Breeze fragrance with an insect repellent.

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