Greenleaf gifts of home aroma decor diffuser fragrance oils make unique wedding, anniversary, graduation, mothers day and birthday gifts, gift and centerpiece ideas for special occasions.

Greenleaf Gifts Home Decor Fragrance Oils

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Greenleaf Parts

Greenleaf fragrance oils are catalytic burning fragrances that along with lamps make unique birthday, anniversary, wedding, mothers day and holiday presents, gifts and gift ideas for home decor Operation of your Greenleaf Gift Fragrance Lamp for 25 to 45 minutes will Purify & Parfum approximately 300 square feet.

The functions of the catalytic burner simultaneously Purify and Fragrance the air. The heat from the burner along with the movement and mixing of air from convection of the catalytic burner Purify the Atmosphere. During this process the Fragrance Oil evaporates releasing a Fabulous lingering Fragrance.

Greenleaf Gifts Home Decor Fragrance Diffuser Oils come in:

  • 16 oz. bottles for $10.97
  • Fragrance Oils and lamps containing fragrances can only be shipped by Ground and CANNOT be shipped to International or Military destinations!

  • Individual GreenLeaf Fragrances

    these fragrance oils are usually available to ship the same business day

    Greenleaf Fragrance - Classic Linen
    fresh and clean

    CLASSIC LINEN - Fresh air and the smell of clean water are delicately blended with sweet florals and balsamic notes to create a clean, spring freshness in every room.
    Sold Out
    Greenleaf Aroma Oil - Haven
    fresh and clean

    HAVEN - Haven™ is an exquisite fragrance with top notes of fresh seashore breeze blended with lavender and jasmine flowers on a woody amber and sweet musk base.
    Sold Out
    Greenleaf Fragrance - Lavender
    fresh and clean

    LAVENDER - Sit back and allow the fragrance of pure lavender oil, mixed with a touch of fresh herbs, soothe and relax you.
    Sold Out
    Greenleaf Fragrance Oil - Magnolia

    MAGNOLIA - The southern sweetness of magnolia gives welcome to anyone that may pass through your door.
    Sold Out
    Greenleaf Fragrance - Pomegranate
    fruit and vine

    POMEGRANATE - Juicy pomegranates with hints of green apple add a unique twist to a delightful fragrance.
    4 left
    Greenleaf Fragrance Oil - Radiant Waters
    fresh and clean

    RADIANT WATERS - Effervescent layers of fresh green sparkle fuse with cool spearmint and eucalyptus, which blends into a transparent floral.
    Sold Out
    Greenleaf Fragrance - Roses

    ROSES - Soft, romantic perfume of delicate Roses in bloom
    Sold Out
    Greenleaf Aroma Oil - Seaspray
    fresh and clean

    SEASPRAY - Capture the fragrance of fresh air coming off the sea intermingled with jasmine, sandalwood, and musk.
    Sold Out
    Greenleaf Fragrance - Silver Spruce

    SILVER SPRUCE - Fresh wintery aroma of crisp Siberian Fir and Cedarwood, softened with Sandalwood
    Sold Out

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