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Greenleaf Aroma Fragrance Lamps Instructions and Tips

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Operation of your Greenleaf Fragrance Lamp for 25 to 45 minutes will Purify & Parfum approximately 300 square feet.

The functions of the catalytic burner simultaneously Purify and Fragrance the air. The heat from the burner along with the movement and mixing of air from convection of the catalytic burner Purify the Atmosphere. During this process the Parfum evaporates releasing a Fabulous lingering Fragrance.

Lamp Instructions

1. Set your Greenleaf Lamp on a level, stable surface away from any heat or flammable objects Remove the open/vented shade and unique snuff cap.

2. Fill your Green Leaf Lamp approximately 2/3ís full with Lamp Parfum using funnel provided. Dry Lampe Carefully!

3. Insert the burner/wick into your GreenLeaf Lamp. Carefully check to make sure burner/wick is fully inserted into Lamp neck.

4. The first time you use your Green Leaf Fragrance Lamp replace the unique snuff cap and allow the burner/wick to absorb fragrance for 20 minutes. Remove the Cap and light the burner, leaving flame to burn for 3-5 minutes.

5. Blow out the flame. Your Greenleaf Lamp is now operating. Replace the open/vented shade over the burner. 25 to 45 minutes operating is sufficient for 300 sq. feet.

6. To stop your GreenLeaf Lamp remove the open/vented shade from the burner. Replace the unique snuff cap on burner. Replace open/vented shade on unique snuff cap.

Lamp Recommendations:

Replace burner / wick assembly once a year or after every 250 hours of use.

When not using your Greenleaf Fragrance Lamp keep unique snuff cap on stone to prevent the evaporation of fragrance.

Keep Greenleaf Fragrance Lamp as well as refill perfume out of the reach of Children.

If swallowed seek medical attention immediately.

Perfume is highly flammable, use extreme care when handling!

The fragrances used to scent catalytic lamp fuels will occasionally build up in the stone wick, clogging the wick and making it a challenge to light or stay lit. There are several easy solutions to this issue:

∑ Best Solution! Use Wick Cleaner (unscented fuel - 91% Isopropyl Alcohol) to cleanse your stone wick. Soak your burner stone and wick in the cleaner solution for 30 minutes. Then place wick in an empty lamp and light. Either let it burn out completely or blow out after five minutes and then let the stone burn out all remaining residue. Or after soaking your stone as mentioned above, fill your lamp as you normally would with Wick Cleaner and light it and blow out after 4-5 minutes. The Wick Cleaner will help burn off the fragrance buildup in your stone wick.

∑ The best way to avoid a clogged stone is to fill your lamp with only as much fuel as you intend to burn at one time and let it burn completely out. Avoid leaving fuel in the lamp as the fragrance tends to collect in the stone when the lamp is not burning.
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