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Glass Dimensions Oil Lamps & Candles from Aura Creations Situated in the New England seashore community of Essex, Massachusetts, USA, Glass Dimensions has been handcrafting glass for over 25 years.

The creative force behind the company is president and founder David R. Perkins. David's focus on capturing the beauty of simplicity has given rise to a line of trend setting designs. His emphasis on originality, quality, and functionality has earned the company an international reputation as a leading maker of innovative glass giftware.

One pint of Aura Lamp Oil with most of the Glass Dimension lamps purchased for just another $4.50.

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Glass Dimensions Tri-Glow Ensemble Oil Lamps from Aura CreationsTri-Glow Ensemble Oil Candle

Add just the right touch of candlelight to your evening on the porch or patio with the elegance of the hand blown Ensemble Oil Lamp. The three flames of the Ensemble will enkindle a soft glow around your outdoor occasion while withstanding the gentle summer breeze.

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