Read temperature through the unique Galileo Thermometers by Global Village Glass Studios & G W Schleidt for Aura Creations. A Galileo Thermometer makes a wonderful fathers day, office & corporate as well as holiday gift for any occasion or home decor accent.

Galileo Thermometer - Combo Weather Station - Clock, Barometer & Hygrometer - Black Wood

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Combo Weather Station Galileo Thermometer 558
Thermometer - Clock - Barometer - Hygrometer
Black Wood
Height: 12" Width: 6"
5 Balls - 4 Degree Increments - Range: 64-80 Degrees

The Galileo Thermometer is individually boxed with instruction and a brief history.

This intriguing combination of old and new technologies keeps you abreast of changes in time, temperature and barometric pressure. Create your own forecasts and track daily trends with these quality instruments. Solid wood cabinet and heat-resistant glass case. Five colored glass orbs float according to the temperature for a quick visual reference.

The Barometer measures atmospheric pressure.

The Hygrometer measures moisture content in the air.

WARNING! To avoid inaccurate temperature readings or color fading Galileo Thermometers should not be placed in Direct Sunlight!

Mfg. SRP: $100.00

Our Price: $79.97

Usually ships the same business day