Read temperature through the unique Galileo Thermometers by Global Village Glass Studios & G W Schleidt for Aura Creations. A Galileo Thermometer makes a wonderful fathers day, office & corporate as well as holiday gift for any occasion or home decor accent.

9" Hanging Galileo Thermometer in Brass and Cherry Finish Stand

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Galileo Thermometer 205T
Height: 9"
Hanging in Brass and Cherry Finish Stand

5 Multi Colored Spheres with Gold Plated Temperature Tags. Temperature Range of Thermometer 64-80F in 4 Degree Increments.

Each Galileo Thermometer is individually boxed with instruction and a brief history.

WARNING! To avoid inaccurate temperature readings or color fading Galileo Thermometers should not be placed in Direct Sunlight!

Mfg. SRP: $55.00

Our Price: $42.97

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