AuraŽ Lamp oil is the purest liquid paraffin lamp oil in Crystal Clear by the gallon.

Crystal Clear Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil by the Gallon from AuraŽ

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NOW! Ultra pure liquid paraffin lamp oil (odorless - smokeless)is available at discount prices by the gallon!!!

Ultra Pure Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil (99.5%+)!! It's available in all 24 of our spectacular colors and can also be custom blended either darker or lighter upon request. Our oil is of the highest grade and has incredible wicking power.. Burntime can range from 500 to 800 hours depending on the size or thickness of your wicks, wick exposure and desired flame size.

Warning! No two lamps oils are the same! Any change in lamp oil necessitates a change or adjustment to wick settings in order to eliminate smoking. Our lamp oil with its super wicking power generally means a lower wick setting adjustment is necessary to prevent smoking. Always read our lamp oil instructions on the back side label before using.

Packaged in Induction Sealed Child Proof Safety Caps for the highest degree of safety in shipping and handling.

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Price: $54.99, 2 for $108.98, 4 for $209.96

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