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Basic Oil Lamp Kit with Fiberglass Wicks

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Replacement Oil Lamp / Oil Candle Parts, Supplies, Oil Lamp Wicks / Fiberglass Wicks, Glass Wicks, & Accessories The Basic Oil Lamp Kit

Basic OIL LAMP PARTS Kit includes:

  • 1. your choice of one pint of any colored lamp oil / candle oil from our selection
  • 2. one standard 8" fiberglass wicks (1/8th" diameter)also referred to as oil lamp wicks along with your choice of between three glass wicks - the glass wick holders are 1/2" wide at the head and 1/4" wide on the neck - choose between 2" length and 3" length wick holder.
  • 3. if needed, for wider bottle neck openings choose one of two washers that can fit various neck/bottle tops: small - 3/4" diameter or medium - 1" diameter

Use this kit and learn how to make glass oil candles - also referred to as liquid oil candles, lamp oil candle or paraffin liquid candles.

Price: $14.97

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