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Aura Creations Handcrafted Oil Lamps - Large FluteThe lamp oil bottles are imported from Italy noted as the finest glass bottle manufacturers in the world. They are both a flat round and cone shaped - low profiled for maximum stability and come in two sizes...small - 200ml Omni & 250ml Cona with a 4" width and 6-7" height(including shade)..and large - 500ml Cona with a 5 1/2" width and 9" height(including shade)..These oil lamps come with a brass washer which nestles snuggly inside the neck insert at the top of the bottle; a fiberglass wick for durability and your choice of a pint of custom created lamp oil colors. You will attach or, if you request, we will attach to the bottom of the bottles color coordinated foam cushions to enhance lamp oil color illumination as well as for accident prevention.

Aura Creations Handcrafted Oil Lamps - Jeweled CrownWe use the highest grade of liquid paraffin lamp oil available in the marketplace today. It is 99+% pure and is odorless and smokeless. A 250ml (approx. 1/2 pint)oil lamp, with its wick properly adjusted has about 30-35 hours of burning time before requiring replacement lamp oil.

Aura Creations Handcrafted Oil Lamps - Large IrisThese oil lamp shades are all American Made and individually handcrafted from three different types of metal mesh (also referred to as metal cloth); brass, copper and stainless steel (not all styles are available in all mediums). The shades are always cool to the touch no matter how long the oil lamps have been burning. They also function to shield the flame from outside air flow and, therefore, have an excellent indoor/outdoor application. Brass and Steel are hand painted and the copper shades are heat-treated; a process which burns the colors into the mesh creating a very unique coloration. With the exception of the steel cone oil lamps, all shades come with a brass band and balls used to securely fasten the shade to the bottle. A variety of ties and end decorations are also standard with each and every oil lamp.

Aura Creations Handcrafted Oil Lamps - Small FluteThe pictures do not do these oil lamps justice. When lit, these oil lamps come to life creating passive down-lighting which makes the oil lamp bases glow when choosing the lighter translucent lamp oil colors. Naturally, different lamp oil colors go best with each medium. We, strongly recommend that you allow us to supply you with replacement lamp oil with your oil lamp order. And, please note that we also sell, at wholesale prices, replacement lamp oil in all of our specialty colors by the gallon, as well as, by the pint.

Do you want to learn how to make bi-colored oil lamps or create an oil lamp out of your favorite bottles, then just click on the links above and see what you can create!!!

Aura Creations Handcrafted Oil Lamps - Small IrisAll of these oil lamps are compatible with an Aromatherapy Wick / Essential Oil Diffusers. Purchase any of these handcrafted oil lamps and select an Aromatherapy Wick from the options menu and receive a $2.97 DISCOUNT off of the RETAIL PRICE of the Aromatherapy Wick / Essential Oil Diffusers.

Don't forget to order REPLACEMENT LAMP OIL in your specially selected Colored Lamp Oil by the pint or by the gallon. Just click on the LAMP OIL BUTTON!