Aladdin Lamps – Aladdin Kerosene Oil Lamp - Hanging Lamp BH715-716

Aladdin Classic Tilt Frame w/Clear Crystal Bowl w/14" Opal White Glass Shade Solid Brass Kerosene Hurricane Mantle Oil Lamp BH715-716

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Classic Tilt Frame Hanging Lamp-Clear Crystal Bowl w/14" Opal White Glass Shade Solid Brass-Model-23A

Height: 18" plus 24" Chain
Burn Time: Approx. 12hrs

Hold any Genie III lamp

Pair up your choice of one of the Genie III colors with the classic tilt-frame and create your own hanging lamp. Tilt-Frame hanger makes it easy to remove for refilling.

A Distinctive touch of country charm. Lamp height is 18" plus 24" chain. All burners now sold with these lamps use the Slip style Gallery. When purchasing replacement chimneys for your new Aladdin lamp, look for the Heelless chimney model R-910. The mantles are still the Lox-On® style.

Note: Because of the position of the smoke bell and the size of the hanging bracket, hanging Aladdin lamps cannot be used in high altitude applications.

List Price: $480.00
OUR PRICE: $299.95

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