Aladdin Lamps – Aladdin Kerosene Oil Lamp C6107

Deluxe Genie III Clear W/Nickel Kerosene Hurricane Mantle Oil Lamp C6107N

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Genie III C6107N-Model-MAXBRITE
Aladdin's Most Versatile Lamp

Deluxe Genie III Glass Shelf Lamp-Clear Crystal (Less Shade) Solid Nickel Plated Brass Parts

Height: 19" Burn Time: Approx. 12hrs

Use it as a shelf lamp, wall lamp or hanging lamp (fits in most Aladdin wall brackets and hangers).

You can add a decorative shade and shade ring/tripod to your genie III Aladdin Mantle Lamp by visiting our Shade Department for a-la-carte shade choices.

All burners now sold with these lamps use the Slip style Gallery. When purchasing replacement chimneys for your new Aladdin lamp, look for the Heelless chimney model R-910. The mantles are still the Lox-On® style.

List Price: $180.00
OUR PRICE: $139.97

Usually ships the same business day