Aladdin Lamps – Aladdin Kerosene Oil Lamp B2301

Solid Brass Heritage Table Kerosene Hurricane Mantle Oil Lamp B2301

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Solid Brass, Heritage Table Lamp (Less Shade) Solid Brass Parts
Height: 24"
Burn Time: Approx. 12hrs

The solid brass Aladdin Heritage Lamp is renowned for its timeless styling. The design for this series dates back to 1927 and has been a popular seller for more than 70 years. The classic styling of the heritage lamp makes it the most versatile in paring with our full line of glass and parchment shades.

You can add a decorative shade and shade ring to your Brass Heritage Aladdin Mantle Lamp by visiting our Shade Department for other a-la-carte shade choices.

All burners now sold with these lamps use the Slip style Gallery. When purchasing chimneys for your new Aladdin lamp, look for the Heelless chimney model R-910. The mantles are still the Lox-On® style.

List Price: $280.00
OUR PRICE: $209.95

Usually ships the same business day

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